Campus Ministry Matters

Rebuilding a Field, Reclaiming a Movement

The Election of Donald J. Trump to the highest seat in the United States has caused me a lot of consternation. I live in a country where we’ve been struggling with equality for women’s pay, prolonged battles over whether everyone should have access to health care, massive issues around how and if to fund public education, a decades long fight for GLBTQIA equality, and race issues that fifty plus years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are perhaps as some of their worst in decades.  I should have figured.

cmm_button_tagline_4c            One conversation with a colleague specifically about Trump and about the situations on campus spurred a reality that I myself will now make public: I believe campus ministry, and the Church at large, has a chance (albeit this is not the approach we should hope for) to use this election as a catalyst for revitalization.  Read more…