Campus Ministry Matters


The field of higher education is at an important point its history. As campuses are continually changing to support the needs of students, and as issues such as sexual assault, Title IX, and mental health dominant the narrative of the co-curricular, religious, secular, and spiritual identity of students needs once again be supported.

But so often, the field has lost its vision and its support.  Historic centers and organizations across the country have been closed, consolidated, and ceased to exist largely due to funding cuts and lost of vision.  The goal of campus ministry matters is to help reimagine what could be in this field.  While there is much work to be done, the places around the country where campus ministry or its partners are thriving are few and far between.

In the beginning, this website was simply a blog with idea generation.  But now were seeking something more.  To help turn the field into something that can thrive long term is of great importance to higher education, to the field itself, and to any religious institutions that might wish to survive.

So now this website is being changed into a resource hub, a place where blogs and articles and opportunities might meet.  If you are looking for help is supporting your campus ministry, reach out to Cody and we’ll help together to get some support for your work.  There are ways to move forward this field that have not been considered for a long time.

Feel free to contact me or 319 759 9688

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