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5 Big Questions for Boards #4-How long should people be on the board?

Question #4: How long should people be on the board?

A shorter Thursday exercise today as we discuss the length of board membership.  A hope you will find it a challenging and compelling question as we continue our five-day discussion on boards of campus ministries.  Here. We. Go.

Boards of Directors always have a beginning, a moment when the board votes to include a new person onto the board and invites them to share in the load as well as share their passions and skills in leading the organization.  The question is when and how this relationship ends in an appropriate way.  For some people, the board membership doesn’t end until the board member decides.  In other cases, there are firm “classes” as designated in bi-laws.  Which do you use?

Another question I consider is how long the executive committee is elected?  If we my board is in 4 year classes, could an every other year election cycle work?  What if it’s a 3 year cycle?  What happens when we transition this leadership every year?  Your thoughts please

Finally, I wonder often about the role of a nominations committee and how we might practice good training and exit from the campus ministry board.  If we are only bringing in people once a year, perhaps an easy training can occur, but if they are fluidly entering, do we have the time and resources available to get them trained.  And even then, what does that training look like.

Additionally, when we have people leave the board, could they return in a year or two or is this a several year transition.  And because they are leaving the board, what kinds of questions do we want to ask them about their exit (either voluntary, through bi-law requirement, or by request of the board) that will help us to be best prepared in future years.

These are questions I have.  There are probably many more.  Please provide your comments, both to make this blog better and to put together this question of board

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