Campus Ministry Matters

Post-Modern Theology in a Consumerism Kind of World

Oh course today is black friday and of course today I’m going to wake up thinking about consumerism and how it has impacted the lives of students across the country.  Here are a few brief thoughts today.

As campus ministers, we are models to our students of something which is supposed to be alternative to the trends of the world.  We are called to lay out something of an example that replaces our society’s example with something that emulates a God we follow.  And yet, I really want that I phone I’m capable of purchasing in about 10 days….

I guess this is the problem.  If you know my spouse, you know that she doesn’t like technology, she doesn’t need a lot of things, and she generally just keeps getting by.  I on the other hand will admit I want the newest gadget, I sense a need to have a smart phone, and I am really interested in going shopping on black friday in order that I might buy three pairs of jeans for the price of one or a new DVD player for 40.00.  I thrive on being thrifty.  I thrive on being “hip” but I’m not hip.  What do I do to live out a life that doesn’t need that much and yet accomplishes the professionalism that seems to be required of being a campus minister?

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